Skills and Talents

Skills and Talents

An overall upbringing includes not only books and school but also means honing and developing one’s skills and talents and strengthening the potential to sustain oneself based on these skills.
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Talents set us apart, making us all unique and different from each other and bringing variety, beauty and depth to life. Where would we be if it were not for the music, arts and other forms of self expression such as dance, theater and sports that beautifully capture our culture and values?
At ROPIO the children come from a background which renders them academically weak. We strive to bridge this educational gap in the children and bring them at par with children of their age from the well to do strata of society, however, for such children a solution does not always lie in academics. At the same time, these children are exceptionally talented in various other activities, such as kick boxing, dancing, gymnastics, art etc.

We conduct workshops in Music, Art and craft, Dance and other activities so as to discover latent talent in children and when we come across any bright sparks we encourage them to become masters in that field by enrolling them in professional classes and hobby schools and even try to guide them to a career path of the similar background.
Over the years ROPIO has seen many children who have grown as beautiful guitar players, dancers, artists and bakers. A lot of their talents can be witnessed during ‘The Platform’ – an annual program that showcases the talents of these children alongside professional artists.

Skill Development

Under this banner we have various projects:

  • Digital Learning Project: All children are provided basic computer literacy over the summer vacations including MS Paint, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Gradually the children are introduced to the Internet and its uses as well as other software that may be of use to them such as Coral Draw, Photoshop, HTML etc.

  • English Speaking Program: Regular workshops are conducted to develop the children’s communication skills. Through Audio-Visuals, Reading clubs and Grammar classes we hone in them the skill of Reading, Comprehending, Writing and Speaking.

  • Crochet Workshops: This is specifically aimed at employee and income generation. The Women from the slums who are housewives are taught to crochet various products such as mufflers, caps, ear warmers etc. Periodic classes are held where the women are taught patterns and designs. The raw materials are provided by us and the women work on the products in their free time at home, these are then sold via online mediums and stalls. Through this skill the women are able to earn a little extra for their household.