Our People

Murphy Raphael John
B.A (H) English
Founder and President
Director Operations and Logistics, R.O.P.I.O. Foundation

They say you are remembered by what you leave behind for your children, so what does he go and do? He goes and makes as many children out there his own as he can, and now he lives to make sure that he can leave behind a world where they can be happy. He is compassionate, there for you when you need him and has a ‘never give up’ attitude in life. A lover of books, art, music, dance and anything that creative, you give him food for thought and an energetic space and he’ll come up with the most bizarre, fun and exciting projects.
Yeah! He's crazy that way.

naveen-joshiNaveen Joshi
MBA in Finance
Co-Founder and Treasurer
Director Finance R.O.P.I.O Foundation

An enthusiastic lover of sports, Naveen is our Finance head. Keeping ROPIO in line with all certifications, taxation and government mandates, is the name of the game for this lad. With a job, ROPIO, sports, family and fatherhood, he juggles all these balls with great élan. Perennially hungry, this marathon runner can often eat his weight in food. Crazy, yes, but that's Naveen!

shreya-raliShreya Ralli
Masters in Entrepreneurship Management
Director Communications & Strategy , R.O.P.I.O. Foundation

Shreya loves mountains, travel plans and good coffee as much as the next person. Often seen “people watching”, she is a keen observer of nonverbal communication cues. Her love and connect with ROPIO made her give up a lucrative Corporate job and join the Development sector a few years ago. Shreya heads the Communication wing of ROPIO. Yup she’s the Girl! Often seen running like a headless chicken over strategy, business proposals and Social Media, you can get her to do almost anything with a good cup of coffee. A devourer of good books and a lover of crisp conversation, she is often heard saying: “Talk to me in bullet points, not paragraphs”.

Masters in English
Trustee and Board Member

A true sportswoman at heart, her love for sunny beaches and the gym are only second to her motherhood. A professional fitness trainer , Lydia is a caring and understanding soul, a shoulder to cry on or the “go to” gal when you’re in need and want someone to just patiently listen. She supports the efforts at ROPIO and is always there with a hot cup of ginger tea and good counsel for decisions and plans that need to be made.

Our Success Stories

Over the years, ROPIO has seen children grow into beautiful and capable young women and men. Here are some of those sparkling gems who have grown in their potential and are passing it on as they move ahead in life.

Our Graduates

Kajal: The youngest of 4 siblings, she was always the family’s “Chhoti”. A bright, perky and hardworking child, her pleasant demeanour and loving personality always set her apart. Her father works as an electrical technician and mother is a housewife. A gentle soul and friend to all, she would often be seen lost in her own world of dreams and aspirations.
She scored an 8 out of 10 CGPA in her 10th and an 80% in her 12th. After completing her 12th standard in the stream of commerce in 2013, she graduated with a B.A. (Honors) English from Bharti College, Delhi University in 2016. She then took a courageous decision to drop a year to figure out her interests and passions in life, all the while working at the centre as a full-time volunteer coordinator. Her time here as a volunteer coordinator is still remembered and cherished. Being a joy and blessing to be around, added to a cheerful and loving nature, it was not a surprise that we never faced a dearth of volunteers when she was in charge. Currently, she is a full-time professional dancer, learning and teaching simultaneously, at The DanceWorx.

Virender : An over hyper kid and extremely competitive child, Veeru was always the ring leader of his little squad of boys. He grew, however, to be a gentle soul, innocent at heart and with a sensibility beyond his years. He is a caring friend, an encouraging brother and wonderful aid. One of 3 siblings, his father works as a security guard at a hospital and mom is a housewife. He has always been determined to become something of worth in his life and through his hardwork and grit scored a 7.8 CGPA in his 10th and secured a 73% in his 12th.
He graduated with a B. A.(Hons.) in Sociology from Ambedkar University Delhi in 2107 after clearing his 12th standard in the field of commerce. A bold, upfront and gentle person with good managerial skills, he used to help in management at the centre, which provided a perfect stage for brushing and showcasing his leadership skills. During his stay at ROPIO he has also worked part time with stall setups and exhibitions for Timeless Silver, a silver jewelry company and Resource mobilization and Production management for Hubbiel, a France based company adding to his experience and skill set.

Akash: As a child he was the classic example of size doesn’t matter. This tiny tot exhibited good leadership skills. He mobilized and encouraged his peers to move in a certain direction with the greatest of ease and the brightest sparkle in his eyes.
His father works as a chowmein vendor and mother is a housewife. He is the middle child of 3 siblings, having an older sister and a younger brother.
He scored a 6.4 CGPA in his 10th and a 69% in his 12th in the field of Humanities in 2013. An enthusiastic extrovert always overflowing with boundless amount of infectious energy, he graduated with a degree in sociology from Ambedkar University, Delhi, where he is now a postgraduate student pursuing Masters in Social Design. Dance provided him with an optimum outlet for his energy and skill. Erstwhile, a volunteer coordinator at the centre, he stood apart for his excellent communication skills.

Ankit: Hailing from a family of 6, he is the second child of 3 children. His father works as a field executive in a courier agency and mother is a housewife, always tending to the needs of her children, her home and her ailing father who lives with them.
A quiet and introverted child, Ankit was a keen observer of people, things and life in general. Always seen as an average child with nothing special to show, he surprised everyone as he grew and developed a strong personality. A sharp and witty mind, with the perseverance of a bull, one he sets his eyes on something he works hard till he achieves it. He is understanding and stoic and is not a force to reckon with when he is fueled with determination. With a CGPA of 6.4 in his 10th, he pursued commerce and finished his schooling in 2013 with a 71%.
Ankit is a hard working and focused individual, with admirable leadership abilities, he helped manage finance as well as kids, while pursuing his graduation in Economics from Ambedkar University. A goal oriented, diligent and articulate person, he puts his incredible leadership skills to use at every given and possible situation and work assigned to him to the best of his abilities.


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Parag: He is the younger of 3 siblings, the pampered one at home and Ankit’s Younger brother. He scored a 6.8 CGPA in his 10th and excelled in his 12th standard board exams, with commerce stream, scoring an 80%. Currently a first year student of B.A. SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) at Ambedkar University, Delhi; he also works as the volunteer coordinator at the centre. He has been a part of the ROPIO family since 2013 and has since bloomed into an articulate, understanding and responsible young adult thus making him perfect as the volunteer head.

Noor : Noor cleared 12th standard from the stream of Humanities and is now a first year student of B. A. SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) at Ambedkar University, Delhi. With that, he became the first person from his family to head to college to pursue higher education. A creatively inclined and diligent child, he will sure set benchmarks not only for his family but even for future kids at ROPIO. He is not an intertn at ROPIO and partakes in managing classes, kids and with general organization at the centre.

Piyush: hailing from a nuclear family, he is the older of 2 siblings. He cleared his 10th with a CGPA of 6 and his 12th with a 72% in the field of Humanities. An active, strong and goal-oriented child, he has always been a sport enthusiast, thus, making his current course, B.A. in Physical Education, apt for himself. With his early morning to 5 in the evening class schedule, he responsibly and impressively juggles daily expense management as an intern at the finance department at ROPIO. His father works as an employee in a shop and mother is a housewife.

Vikas: The youngest of 3 siblings and the younger brother of Akash, He scored a 6.4 in his 10th and a 71% in his 12th in 2016 in the field of Humanities. He is a quiet observer who has everyone’s best interest at heart. The bonds he forms are deep attachments and he can go to any length for them. A gadget enthusiast, he pursued a diploma course in Web Designing, followed by an internship at an animation firm. He is currently pursuing B.A. in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Ambedkar University, Delhi. As an intern he assists with the general management at the centre and any and every technological and digital need of the organization.

Dheeraj: He cleared his 10th with a 6 CGPA and his 12th standard board exams with a 60% in the Commerce stream. He quite impressively managed volunteer coordination at the centre for a year. A true extrovert, he communicated effortlessly with volunteers and kids alike, thus making the environment at the centre very welcoming and friendly for everyone present. Bitten by the creative bug, you would often find him indulging in a vivid range of arts and crafts antics. He can turn any odd looking waste into beautiful art specimens. After much thought and struggle, he decided to opt for Hotel Management at IHM, Shillong to pursue his interest and satisfy his curiosity in cooking and has been shining in that field since 2017.
His father works as a vegetable seller and mother is a housewife. He is the youngest of 2 brothers.

Gitika: After scoring a CGPa of 6.2 in her 10th she pursued humanities in the 12th and cleared with a 65% in 2016. She is currently in her second year pursuing B.A Program from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. She is a quiet soul who finishes what she starts. She always has everyone’s best interest at heart and is there when you need her even if at first you can’t see her around you. She is currently part of the team of interns at ROPIO, helping in managing and handling the children, their studies and overall functioning.
She is the oldest of 4 siblings and the only girl in the family. Her father works as a cab driver and mother is a housewife.