Education is not merely academic growth and literacy but a foundation for the development of the mind, body and heart. Education broadly is a fundamental social initiative, a human right which spills over on numerous other aspects like poverty, health, gender inequality and human rights.

The holistic learning program at R.O.P.I.O is designed by blending the formal learning and skill based experiences, engaging children for six days in a week. Fundamentally, the aim to eliminate the lack of access to equal opportunities is the underlying principle of the work we do.

How we do it ?

R.O.P.I.O.’s education verticals are designed to provide, nurture and encourage growth and development to a child in these aspects through the following process:

Phase 1:
Children are inducted in ROPIO at age 11 (class 6). They are provided with opportunities of growth and development in various aspects which include Workshops in elementary education (English, Mathematics and Computers), assistance in School curriculum and enrollment in various extracurricular activities such as Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Sports and Theater. The objective of this phase is to understand the potential of the child, build and strengthen their base and develop various skills in them.

Phase 2:
The children in this category are aged between 14 and 17, basically from class 9 to class 12. Here the children are steered towards academic progress and excellence, and those who exhibit drive and potential in the previous phase are encouraged in their respective skills or talents. These children are also put up for Mentorship programs where anyone can choose to mentor/Sponsor a child and personally get involved with the child’s growth and guidance. The objective of this phase is to ensure that a child is becoming self-aware of the opportunities made available to them and learn the tools that empower them to choose a rewarding career path.

Phase 3:
This includes all our kids who are now young adults (aged 18+) and have been learning under us since their childhood. These youths become part of the ‘Pass It On’ movement wherein they take up certain roles and responsibilities of the NGO and become in-house volunteers and assist in raising and guiding the younger ones. These children are encouraged and assisted in pursuing higher education and vocational courses in their field of interest. The objective is to bring to practice what these children have learnt at ROPIO and also see them grow from disadvantaged children into socially aware contributing members of the society.

Our progress

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