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"In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn" This is the beauty of volunteering which is visible at ROPIO, a completely volunteer driven organization. Volunteering not only gives you a chance to do your bit for society but also helps you discover something new and different about yourself. It adds on to you in ways that make you feel more complete and happy. The Volunteers are the backbone of ROPIO, always there to teach, guide and nurture the kids, looking after their educational and individual needs. We are always looking out for more such enthusiastic people to come become a part of our family, because once you come here that is exactly what you will find for yourself here- another family. So if you feel you are willing to share your time, knowledge and skill with those who are in need of it, then don’t hesitate to come to us. You are always welcome here.


Whether you’re an ace teacher or a fresher who has the desire to academically assist children then this is the place for you! We cater to children between class 6 and 12 and provide them assistance in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English and Social sciences..

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Skills and Talents

Got a penchant for the creative arts? Or are you musically gifted? Well whatever your talent may be, if you would like to pass it on to children who are waiting to discover their latent talent then come on over and be instrumental in shaping the gifted..

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From Personality Development, Value Education, Health and Hygiene to Table manners and developing a civic and moral compass, feel free to come and engage our youngsters in workshops that build their character and prepare them for the world outside and the world within..

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Virtual learning

If you would love to teach but find it difficult to take out time regularly then we have a way for you! Reach out to us online, through skype or any other means that allows you to interact with us and our children. You can be a part of our lives and enrich it in your own special way. After al where there is a will there is always a way..

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